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Unlimited Product Personalization

Give Your Customers the Power to Customize Products on Your Shopify Store

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Why Choose Product Options & Customizer

Reduce Returns

Product Options & Customizer cuts e-commerce returns by enabling accurate personalization, ensuring customers receive what they expect.

Increase Retention

Strengthen repeat business with Product Options & Customizer, offering a personalized shopping experience that builds brand loyalty.

Increase Conversion Rate

Enhance sales with Product Options & Customizer; our seamless customization process turns browsing into buying, creating a personalized shopping journey.

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Tailoring Perfection in Personalized Products

In the modern print on demand world, tailored experiences have become the norm rather than the exception. Product Options & Customizer emerges as an unparalleled tool, designed to cater to a myriad of industries, each with its unique demands. From monogram details on t-shirts to intricate designs on jewelry, our platform bridges the gap between consumer desires and product realities.
Wedding Icon


Crafting Memorable Moments

For wedding vendors, Product Options & Customizer transforms the selection of bespoke wedding essentials into a joyous affair. Couples can mix and match elements to design their dream decor or attire, ensuring their big day is marked with a personal touch that’s uniquely theirs.

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Cherishing Our Furry Friends

Pet stores can utilize the app to offer an array of customizable pet accessories. Pet parents can select colors, materials, and add personal engravings, creating products that celebrate the personality of their furry friends.

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Elegance in Every Detail

Jewelers can provide a luxury experience where customers design their own exquisite pieces. From stone settings to engraving messages, each piece can tell a personal story, elevating the sentimental value and uniqueness of the jewelry.

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Home Furnishings

Redefining Comfort & Style

Home decor businesses can employ the app to give customers the power to personalize their living spaces. From fabric choices for sofas to wood types for tables, each client can create a home that perfectly reflects their style.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Personalizing Every Bite & Sip

Brands in the consumer goods space can leverage the app for packaging customization. Customers can choose designs or add personal messages to products, making everyday items into special gifts or unique personal purchases.

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Bakeries & Sweets

Sweetening Every Occasion

Bakeries can sweeten the deal by allowing patrons to customize their orders. From frosting colors to flavor profiles, each dessert can be a unique creation, perfect for special occasions or as a treat that feels personally crafted.

Transform Commerce: Craft Each Product Variant with a Personal Touch

Using Conditional Logic To Make Option Fields Appear or Disappear

Optimize User Experience: Conditional Logic for Dynamic Input Fields

Control the visibility of customization options based on product variations. Automatically display or hide input fields depending on the choices your customers make.

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Unlimited Product Variations on Every Product Page

Empower your store with the capability to add endless product variant options. Utilize conditional logic to incorporate features like Image Swatches, Custom File Uploads in various formats like png and svg, Color Swatch Picker, Date Picker, Font Picker, Dropdown Menus, and more. Craft unique products that resonate with your audience.

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Create Unlimited Product Options
Create Unlimited Product Options Fields On All Product Pages

Create Unlimited Product Options Fields on All Product Pages

Add an unlimited number of variant options using conditional logic for features like Image Swatches, Custom File Uploads, Color Swatch Picker, Date Picker, Font Picker, Dropdown Menus, Textboxes, Radio Buttons, and Checkboxes so you can sell personalized and custom products.

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UpCharge for Customizations And Increase Your Revenue

Boost Your Revenue with Customized Product Variant Pricing

Why be restricted by rigid pricing structures? Ditch apps that limit your pricing options or mandate multiple hidden products. With our Premium Plus Pricing Plan, relish unlimited templates. Capitalize on per-option pricing and drive up your profits.

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In today's digital age, offering unique products is the key to standing out. By using dynamic input fields and diverse formats like png and svg, you can provide a plethora of product variations to your customers. Tailored templates and the ease of adding multiple inputs ensure that every product variant resonates with the individual preferences of the customer, making them feel unique and valued.

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André’s Confiserie Suisse

United States

The best Shopify app on the market when it comes to providing custom options and/with conditions on your Shopify store. The app is really easy to use and setup, and their support team is readily available to assist whenever you reach out to them. Way to go team!

Mama On Tap

United States

I love my Product Customizer app. I have been using it for over a year and it's perfect for my handmade business. Customer service is top-notch. Whenever I have an issue, they quickly get back to me and fix any issues I have.

Courier Running Club


It is the best app I have ever used to customize my products on Shopify. Customer support is the best and fastest I've ever seen. Recommended 100%

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