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Increase Your Sales Potential with Custom Fonts

Elevate your eCommerce presence with Product  Customizer's Google Font Picker. Implementing unique font files in  your Shopify store is seamless, enhancing visual appeal and  reinforcing your brand identity. This strategic addition not only beautifies  your website but also plays a crucial role in driving sales. Select from an  extensive collection of fonts, crafting an exclusive and captivating shopping  experience for your customers.

Go Beyond Basic Shopify Fonts

Venture beyond the standard with Product Customizer's advanced font selector. Incorporate leading Monotype designs, along with a diverse range of Sans-serif and Serif styles. Introducing new fonts into your Shopify store is not just about aesthetics; it's about setting your brand apart and engaging your audience with a visually dynamic experience. Elevate your storefront with a typography that resonates and captivates

Add Custom Font Options

With Product Customizer's Shopify font picker, gain the freedom to select and add the fonts that best represent your brand. This tool empowers you to change and refine the typography of your online store with ease. Tailor your site's aesthetic by choosing from a wide array of fonts, ensuring every aspect of your storefront reflects your unique brand identity. Elevate your customer's shopping experience by dynamically changing fonts and showcasing your brand's personality.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Elevating customer satisfaction is seamless with Product Customizer'sintegration into your Shopify theme. By leveraging customizable templates,you're not just offering products but an experience tailored to your audience.This attention to detail in your store's aesthetics can significantly enhanceuser engagement, leading to higher conversions. A visually appealing anduser-friendly design makes shopping enjoyable, ensuring customers leave with apositive impression and a desire to return

Google Font Picker Feature for Product Customizer

How to Add the Custom Font  Picker to Your Shopify Store

Step 1: Navigate to the Product  Page

To begin, log in to your Shopify Admin dashboard. Once there,  navigate to the 'Apps' section and click on 'Product Customizer'. This action  will lead you to a comprehensive list of your products. From here, select the  product you wish to edit. This step is crucial as it sets the foundation for  integrating the custom font picker with your specific product offerings,  enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of your store.

Step 2: Create a New Text Option

Next, create  a new text option within the Product Customizer. This feature is versatile,  working seamlessly with any text format, whether it’s a Single Line Text or  Paragraph Text. This flexibility allows you to apply the custom font picker  across various text fields, enabling you to tailor the typography to fit the  specific needs and style of each product. It’s an effective way to add a  personalized touch to your products, enhancing their appeal to customers.

Step 3: Check ‘Use Fonts’

In this step,  locate and check the ‘Use Fonts’ option within the Product Customizer. By  doing so, you unlock access to hundreds of Google Fonts, instantly broadening  your typographic choices. This selection unleashes a world of creative  possibilities, allowing you to experiment with various font styles and types.  These fonts can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your products,  offering a more customized and engaging experience for your customers.

Step 4: View in Store and Save

After  selecting your fonts, preview the changes in your store to ensure everything  looks as intended. This is crucial for maintaining a consistent and  professional appearance. Once satisfied, save your settings to apply the  changes. Remember, if you encounter any challenges or have questions during  this process, Product Customizer's support team is readily available for free  assistance. Their expertise can help you navigate any issues, ensuring a  smooth and successful integration of the custom font picker into your Shopify  store

Reduce Returns

By offering the exact texture or fabir the customer expects to avoid any confusion and subsequent returns later

Increase Retention

Studies show that customers will not return to a store that have inaccuracies in how the product is displayed to what they receive

Increase Conversion Rate

By reducing the number of clicks for customers to find the product they want.

Shopify Font Picker FAQs

How do I find out what fonts my Shopify store is using?

To discover the fonts used in your Shopify storewhile using the Product Options app, you can easily check within the app'sdashboard. Navigate to the 'Theme Settings' where you'll typically find a listof available fonts and webfonts. Another method is inspectingyour store's webpage. Right-click on any text and select 'Inspect' to view theCSS details, which will reveal the font family currently in use.

How does Custom Font Picker work?

The Custom Font Picker in the Product Optionsapp allows you to easily enhance the typography of your Shopify store. Itintegrates directly with Google Fonts, providing access to a vast selection offonts. Simply choose the name of the font you prefer from the picker,and it will be applied to your product options. This functionality isdesigned to be user-friendly, enabling even those without coding skills tocustomize their store's fonts quickly and efficiently.

What code do I need to add to install Custom Font Picker?

Installing  the Custom Font Picker in your Shopify store doesn't require extensive coding  knowledge. The process primarily involves simple HTML and CSS  edits. In your Shopify admin, navigate to the 'Themes' section and select  'Edit code' from the 'Actions' dropdown. Here, you'll insert the following  code snippets into the appropriate theme code files. These codes  are usually provided within the Product Options app instructions. If unsure,  always back up your theme before making changes, or contact support for  guided assistance. This approach ensures a smooth integration of the font  picker, allowing you to customize your store's typography without disrupting  the existing design.

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