Radio Button & Checkbox Shopify Variant

Avoid Confusion with Clearly Indicated Selections

Utilize radio buttons and checkboxes in the Product Options andCustomizer app to offer clear, restricted choices for product variants and custom products. The 'required selection' feature ensures customersmake necessary choices at the time of purchase, providing all essential detailsto shop owners. This approach streamlines the ordering process and minimizesthe risk of errors or misunderstandings, leading to a smoother transaction andenhanced customer satisfaction.

Offer One or Several Choices

Radio buttons allow customers to make a single choice, ideal forexclusive add ons or product price adjustments. In contrast,checkboxes offer the flexibility to select multiple options, catering to varied customer preferences. This distinction is crucial in guiding customers through their purchase journey, offering tailored solutions for different product needsand enhancing the shopping experience.

Add Upsell Pricing to Certain Options

Incorporate upsell pricing with our app's customizable options.Select option values can be associated with additional charges,encouraging customers to opt for premium features or extras, the reby increasing your average order value. This feature not only adds versatility to yourproduct offerings but also opens up new revenue streams.

Prevent Buyer Disappointment

Radio buttons and checkboxes effectively prevent customers from makingunfulfillable special requests. By providing predefined options, it ensures clarity in what is available and what isn’t, thus avoiding any potential disappointment. This clarity in communication is essential in maintaining customer satisfaction and trust.

Example screenshot of radio buttons and checkboxes.

How to Add Checkboxes and Radio Buttons to Variant Product  Pages

Step 1: Navigate to the Product Page

Start by logging into your Shopify  Admin. From there, navigate by clicking 'Apps' and select 'Product  Customizer.' Choose the product you wish to edit. This step is crucial for  accessing the customization features that will allow you to enhance your Shopify  theme's product pages with new input types and meta fields.

Step 2: Create a New Product Option

Once on the product page, proceed to  create a new product option. This involves adding an option name and  label that will appear on the product page. These labels are key in guiding  customers through their choices, enhancing the add to cart button  experience, and integrating seamlessly with your store's HTML and CSS.

Step 3: Configure the Variant Field Type

In this step, configure the variant  field as a single checkbox, a checkbox group, or radio buttons. Add  descriptive texts for each option and individual menu items. Ensure to  specify whether each field is required and consider adding pricing to certain  options if relevant. This customization enhances the custom options  and add variants features of your store.

Step 4: View in Store  and Save

After setting up your options,  preview them on your store. Test the functionality by making selections using  the radio buttons or checkboxes and clicking the add to cart button.  Confirm everything works as intended before saving your changes. Remember,  our support team is always available for free assistance, especially if you  require specific Ajax functionality or further customization.

Reduce Returns

By offering the exact texture or fabir the customer expects to avoid any confusion and subsequent returns later

Increase Retention

Studies show that customers will not return to a store that have inaccuracies in how the product is displayed to what they receive

Increase Conversion Rate

By reducing the number of clicks for customers to find the product they want.

Shopify Variant Checkbox & Radio Button FAQ

How do I add a checkbox on a Shopify product page?

To add a checkbox to a Shopify product page, first access the Product Customizer from your online store's ShopifyAdmin. Choose the product you want to edit and select the checkbox option fromthe customization tools. This allows you to add checkboxes for productvariants, ensuring a streamlined selection process for customers. It's aneffective way to offer multiple choices, enhance user interaction, and tailorthe shopping experience to individual customer preferences.

How do I add a radio button on a Shopify product page?

Adding a  radio button on a Shopify product page follows a similar process to adding a  checkbox. Use the Product Customizer tool in the Shopify Admin to select the  product, then choose the radio button option. Once completed, the product  page can be saved as a template, making it simpler to replicate this  setup for future products. Radio buttons are ideal for single-selection  options, providing a clean and straightforward choice for customers.

What’s the easiest way to get product variant options set up in my Shopify store?

The easiest way to set up product variant options in your Shopify storeis through the Product Options and Customizer app available in the Shopify app store. This app simplifies the addition of variant options like checkboxes and radio buttons, with features like conditional logic toshow or hide options based on previous selections. It also allows for easymanagement of your product list and SKUs, streamlining the customization process. The app's user-friendly interface and comprehensivetools make it a preferred choice for enhancing your store's product variantoptions.

What other personalization features can I add to my store?

Enhance your  store with a variety of personalization features, including dropdown menus,  font selectors, and advanced text fields and text boxes.  Integrate color swatches for a visually appealing selection process,  and leverage per-option upcharge for upselling to increase revenue.  These features add significant functionality to your eCommerce  platform, making it more engaging and user-friendly. By utilizing these  tools, you can offer a personalized shopping experience that caters to the  unique preferences and needs of your customers.

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