Optimize Your Shopify Store with  Per-Option Upcharge Pricing and Variant Checkboxes

Effortlessly Add  Variants with Different Prices on Shopify

Unlock the full potential ofyour Shopify store by adding variants with different prices to meet customerneeds. Enhance your product listings and streamline your pricing strategyseamlessly. Please note, thisdynamic feature is exclusively available with our Premium Plus pricing plan,ensuring you get the most advanced tools for your business growth.

Unique Per-Variant Pricing

Tailor your Shopify inventory with  our Unique Per-Variant Pricing feature. Assign variant prices effortlessly to  each product option, distinguishing your collections with strategic pricing  that reflects their unique value and appeal.

Match Product

Align your pricing perfectly with product details using our MatchProduct feature. This allows you to add extra costs for specific productoptions like sizes or materials, simplifying the process of setting customprices for each variant. It’s an ideal way to reflect the unique aspects andvalue of your product range.

Customization Options

Elevate your Shopify store with tailored productpricing. With the ability to set different prices for each option and addunique labels, you can distinguish your different products in a crowded market.This not only boosts revenue with premium options but also gives your customersthe power of choice, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their needs.

Gigi and Olive Per Option Upcharge Example

How to Add Product Variant Prices to Your Shopify Store Store

Step 1: Navigate to the Product Page

To begin adding variant prices to your Shopify store, start by heading to the Product Page. Here, you'll be able to select the product you want to modify. It's a straightforward first move towards customizing your inventory, setting the stage for a more dynamic pricing structure that can adapt to the variety and uniqueness of your offerings

Step 2: Create a New Option

Step 2 in optimizing your Shopify store's pricing strategy is to Create a New Option. This is where you'll give your product variant its unique identifier: the option name. Alongside, you'll craft a product page label that customers see, making it as descriptive and clear as possible. This label is not just a name—it's the first impression of the unique value your product variant offers, so make it count!

Step 3: Add Your Selected Field Type and Set Price

For Step 3, after selecting your field type, you’ll dive into the heart of customization—setting the price. This is where per-option pricing comes into play, allowing you to assign specific costs to various product customization options. By entering the required price in the corresponding field, you can differentiate your product variants based on value, ensuring each unique feature is reflected in the final cost.

Step 4: View in Store and Save

Once you've fine-tuned your variant prices, it's time to 'View in Store' to preview the changes live on your Shopify site. After you're satisfied with how the pricing is presented, make sure to save your adjustments. Remember, if at any point you need assistance or run into snags, support is just a click away. Reach out to the customer support team for free help at any stage of the process. They're ready to ensure your pricing setup is as smooth and successful as possible.

Reduce Returns

By offering the exact texture or fabir the customer expects to avoid any confusion and subsequent returns later

Increase Retention

Studies show that customers will not return to a store that have inaccuracies in how the product is displayed to what they receive

Increase Conversion Rate

By reducing the number of clicks for customers to find the product they want.

Per Option Upcharge Pricing FAQ

What is the best way to create different price variants on Shopify?

To effectively create different price variants for your eCommerce store, consider utilizing a third-party app like Per-Option Upcharge Pricing available on the Shopify app store. This tool empowers you to allocate distinct prices to Shopify product variants, whether for an existing product or a new product. It's a user-friendly solution to exhibit diverse prices on your product pages, thereby enhancing the customer experience and enriching your eCommerce store's pricing approach. For comprehensive insights, explore our Per-Option Upcharge Pricing feature.

What customization features can upcharge pricing be used with?

Upcharge pricing can be integrated with a variety of customization features to enhance your product offerings. It works seamlessly with checkboxes for selecting additional product features, different color swatches to offer visual variety, and other Product Options & Customizer features that allow for personalized customer experiences. This versatility ensures that upcharge pricing can cater to a wide array of customizations, making it an essential tool for any Shopify store looking to provide tailored options and increase revenue.

Can you add more than one variant with a different price?

Yes, you can add more than one variant of a product with differentprices on Shopify. This flexibility allows you to add variants with uniquepricing, giving your customers a broad range of options to choose from. Eachvariant can be priced according to its value, size, or other differentiatingfactors, providing a tailored shopping experience for your customers.

How do I create multipleproducts in Shopify?

To create multiple products in Shopify, like a new line of t-shirts, start by navigating to your Shopify admin dashboard. From there, go to the ‘Products’ section and click ‘Add product’. You can then enter the details for each t-shirt, including title, description, images, and unique SKUs. Ensure to set the inventory for each product according to the available stock. Once you've added all the necessary information for your t-shirts, you can organize them into collections to enhance discoverability in your online store. Repeat the process for each new product you wish to list.

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