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Who Are We?

Sales Rocket is a marketing app to boost sales. It is designed to save money on app charges while making money with features like conversion boosters, scarcity & urgency timers, lead generators & shipping bars, and more. Conversion Boosters include: Stock Countdown, Animated Add to Cart, Animated Checkout Button & Countdown Timer on Product Listings. Reduce Cart Abandonment features include: Get-It-By Timer, Shipping Bar, Checkout Boost, & Skip To Checkout, Page Speed Optimizers, and more.
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Email Capture: offer a discount or special offer to capture emails to grow lists

Get-it-by Timer: Reduce Abandonment Alerting When Products Will Arrive

Shipping Bar: Tell Expected Purchase Amounts Before Free Shipping Kicks In

Wheel of Fortune (Spin To Win): With a Sticky Discount Bar

Page Speed Optimizer: Optimize Page Loading Speed Before User Clicks on the Page

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