6 Best Product Options Apps for Shopify

Deborah Mecca
July 27, 2023

It’s no secret that consumers are looking for customization. When you head online, don’t you want to see the options that meet your needs? Of course – because we all do.

And, unsurprisingly, the numbers prove it. According to McKinsey & Company, “Companies that grow faster drive 40 percent more of their revenue from personalization than their slower-growing counterpart.” The same source found that “71 percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions ... and 76 percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.”

It’s clear that offering personalization for your products is a winning strategy for any Shopify store. And it’s true: any e-commerce platform or online store can benefit from a product personalizer that lets you offer customized options. But what are the best product options apps to add to your own Shopify store?

In today’s post, we’ll answer that question with six crowd favorites. First, though, we’ll touch on the role that customization plays in cross-selling and upselling. Let’s go!

Why You Need a Product Customizer App

Before you try and pick the best product options app for your Shopify store, it’s helpful to know why you need one in the first place. Let’s take a look at how offering product customization options as a Shopify store owner can help you and your customers.

  • Allows unlimited individualization of products: When customers have to check every single product page to find the exact combination of choices, they quickly give up. If you don’t use a Shopify product options app that lets you offer different options on one page, shoppers will head to a store that does.
  • Drives customer satisfaction & boost sales: Product optimization not only allows you to secure more sales by offering the right product for each customer, but it also enables your shoppers to create a product that meets their needs or matches their vision, which makes them happier.
  • Creates loyalty and recurring customers: Happy customers are returning customers, plain and simple. And returning customers become loyal customers who spread your good name through word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Helps you cross-sell and upsell: Learning how to upsell on Shopify doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply offering high-value customization options is an easy way to upsell ... and featuring related products next to each other enables cross-selling. Using the right tool makes both of these things possible.

All of these benefits are ideal for any e-commerce shop owner. Now all you need is the app ... and luckily, we have the six best options for your consideration right here.

6 Product Customization Apps to Upgrade Your Shopify Store

The best product options app Shopify has to offer will depend less on their exact star rating and more on how well they match your specific needs. The following six options are our picks for most comprehensive solutions to easily add customization to your Shopify product listings.

Product Options & Customizer

Product Options & Customizer is easily one of the best Shopify apps for enabling product personalization. It offers several features all in one, such as custom fields for text boxes; dropdown menus, checkboxes and radio buttons; image upload functionality; customizable font options; date-picker; and so much more.

The result? You choose exactly how much you want your customers to personalize for each of your main product types, and they do the rest. No more having to handle customization requests via email— every selection will be noted in the customer’s order.

Product Options & Customizer is user-friendly for Shopify store owners, offering drag-and-drop setup options in addition to HTML and CSS custom coding abilities. More importantly, though, resulting product pages are equally effortless for customers, utilizing automation and conditional logic to show only as many fields as are relevant at any time, thus getting customers to the checkout page faster and improving the customer experience.

Most-Loved Features:

  • Option pricing to individually price add-ons and special upgrades
  • Color swatches to accurately showcase color options
  • Image swatches to showcase the variation in products or add-ons
  • File upload capability for customers to submit photos, logos, or other designs to be used in their final product
  • Template creation to use on several product pages, saving significant time and effort in setting up your shop
  • Huge knowledge base for self-guided problem-solving, and easy-to-access customer support for help answering more specific questions

Product Options & Customizer offers a free 14-day trial and starts at $19.99 a month after that.

Infinite Options

With features including custom fields and option sets, image swatches, and radio buttons, Infinite Options offers an array of the above features for a slight price break, but also misses in some areas. Add-on bundling of product variants also appeals to many store owners as a way of cross-selling and upselling. If you don’t want every choice on your product pages, it’s easy to hide options and simplify the listing.

Most-Loved Features:

  • Per-option charges on product pages
  • Add-ons and swatches for engraving, monogramming, and custom printing
  • Unlimited number of product options

While there is no free plan, you can try the app free for 2 weeks, after which it’s $12.99 a month.

Custom Product Options

Custom Product Options lets you add a raft of customizations that shoppers can choose and view in real-time. It supports add-on pricing, so you can charge customers more for more expensive features. Plus, users report simplicity when putting Custom Product Options to work for them.

Most-Loved Features:

  • A width x height image calculator to make image swatching easier
  • Excellent documentation and customer service
  • A simple user interface for the shop owner

Custom Product Options provides first-time users with a 7-day free trial and $8.99 a month pricing thereafter.

Advanced Product Options

With unlimited product options and the ability to batch options to different listings, you’ll have an easy time filling out your Shopify listings using this app. It’s popular with a range of retail businesses for the ease of adding and hiding options, using conditional logic to predict customer needs, and a dozen option types that offer significant potential to the user.

Most-Loved Features:

  • Options with their own prices, either fixed or a percentage of the product price
  • Unlimited product options and types, in any combination you desire
  • A wide range of rule sets and templates to make customizing your listings easier

The app offers a free 14-day trial, followed by $4.99 a month – the cheapest available, but also likely the most limited for users.

Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options lives for product bunding, billing itself as the solution to not only customize listings endlessly but also to combine bundles with separate SKUs. If you’re a math whiz, this is probably the option for you, enabling you to build and add your own price calculators.

Anyone who wants to build out an intricate pricing system that exactly reflects the cost of supplies, materials, and overhead will benefit from this app. Anyone who wants a simpler drag-and-drop pricing structure should look elsewhere.

Most-Loved Features:

  • Custom options from templates and image swatches
  • Unique tiered and customized pricing functionality
  • Onetime fees, absolute pricing, and pricing for groups

With a 15-day free trial and $9.99/month afterward, this is an affordable app, though that reflects some of its limited features.

Variant Option Product Options

Variant Option Product Options is fairly straightforward to use and integrates easily with shop listings. Users claim that it’s easy to use both on and off the computer. This functionality makes it easier to step away from your shop and enjoy holidays, family time, and a well-deserved break from entrepreneurship. However, customers have also complainted that Variant Option Product Options lacks functionality and even deletes variants on listings without warning.

Most-Loved Features:

  • Variants show up on order printouts
  • Discount codes can integrate with different product variations
  • A helpful support team

Variant Option offers a free plan, though it lacks many of the features you might want.

Best Overall: Product Options & Customizer

It’s hard to overstate the benefits that custom options can bring to each product page on your site – and to your brand overall. If you want to be known as a shop that helps its customers find exactly what they need, with a great user experience as well as a wide variety of goods, then you need a product customizer today.

You have many choices in the Shopify app store, but if you want the best custom product options app Shopify has to offer, Product Options & Customizer is hands-down your go-to, combining every customization feature you’ll ever need, all in one app.

Plus, you get every capability at one low price — no need to install several apps and manage multiple billing plans. If you’re ready to give Product Options & Customizer a shot, go ahead and start your free trial today!

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