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How to Ensure Your Shopify Store Is Supercharged for Record Breaking Sales

Deborah Mecca
April 6, 2023

Is your Shopify store supercharged for this holiday season?

Feeling limited with Shopify’s native variant limit and product options on your Shopify theme? Do you want the flexibility on the product page beyond what is available out of the box on Shopify themes?

The goal is to enhance the customer’s shopping experience, minimize customer service hassles, increase your AOV (average order value) leading to an increase in sales overall for your Shopify store.  

Let’s explore some of the ways you would want to extend your product pages past what is available out of the box and why this might be important to your store. This is all with the assumption that you don’t have a robust development resource on hand every time you want to expand the functionality on your pages, and grow with your business needs.

Unlimited options, unlimited combinations

If your products have more personalization than allowed for by Shopify’s 100-variant limit, you’ll need an app to be able to get the customization you’re looking for. An app that doesn’t create additional variants for standard options, allowing your inventory to be kept in check and reducing clutter in your admin.

File uploads

Custom designs and images from customers are made super easy using the robust file uploads system. Right in-line with the product page, customers should be able to upload mock-ups, home photos, spec sheets, or any other type of file you want to allow so that their products can be made-to-order. These files should then be accessed right from the order screen in Shopify so that fulfilling them is a breeze.

Add-on pricing

Add-on pricing allows the customers to choose options that increase the price of the product they’re picking. You’ll need an app that can add any price or cost to the product price when purchased by the customer. The app can simply assign a price to an option (such as gift-wrapping or engraving) that doesn’t carry inventory and show the customer how much they’ll be paying on top of the base product price.

Conditional logic

Use conditional logic to streamline each order. Create rules that show or hide options based on selections to avoid overloading customers up front. This allows you to show or hide product options based on other selections that the customer has made. For example, to avoid confusing them and keep your product pages a little cleaner, you could hide a text box that asks for their engraving message if they haven’t selected the engraving option.

Let’s see how our friends at Madison Iron and Wood and Wedding Traders were able to leverage these features to offer their customers an array of options so that they can purchase made-to-order products.

Conditional Logic Examples
Conditional Logic Examples 2

Did you know Product Options and Customizer offers all these features and then some? Product Options & Customizer lets you add UNLIMITED variations to each product on your Shopify store quickly, easily and without ever needing a developer.

Product Options and Customizer offers various option types to make your product easily customizable:

*Color swatches

Color Swatches Example

*Calendar date selector

Calendar And Date Selector Example

*Image swatches

Image Swatches Example

*Per-option up-charge pricing

Per-Option Up Charging Example

*File Uploads (Files and Images)

File Upload Example

*Google fonts picker

Google Font Picker Example

*Drop-down menus

Drop-down Menus Examples
Drop-down Menus 2nd Example

*Radio buttons

Radio Buttons Example

*Checkboxes (single and group)

Checkboxes Example
Checkboxes Example

In addition to all these powerful tools, you can take advantage of various other features offered by Product Customizer to ensure your store is supercharged for BFCM:

  1. Combine variants with Product Customizer options.
  2. Manage & sync your options across multiple products.
  3. Use bulk actions to save time managing large volumes of products.
  4. Search & filter products by type or tag to quickly update options.
  5. Create option templates & avoid hours spent managing product options.
  6. Define fields as required to prevent incomplete orders.
  7. Add descriptions & placeholders to ensure customers complete fields properly.
  8. Set character limits on your text fields.
  9. Set a min or max number of choices for checkbox groups.

Ready to drive more sales from your Shopify store? Join Product Customizer today and watch your AOV increase.