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Product Personalization: How to Expand Your Brand Description

Deborah Mecca
April 6, 2023

What Is Product Personalization?

Product personalization enables a customer to customize your products to meet their requirements. As a result, they can personalize anything from a T-shirt to a sports car. Product personalization is an excellent way to build brand loyalty and grow your customer base via word-of-mouth marketing.

Another reason why product personalization is so popular is how straightforward it is. eCommerce platforms like Shopify use the latest technology to help customers design and modify their products. It’s not expensive, complicated, or time-consuming to use product customizations. Amazon has always led the way in product personalization with a stellar product curation and algorithm that enables buyers to get exactly what they want and Amazon to get people to buy more.

6 Major Brands That Use Product Personalization:

  1. Tesla: Tesla allows customers to design their cars with personalized driver profiles, data-driven design, and personalized dashboards.
  2. Ray-Ban: Although Ray-Ban has hundreds of sunglasses options, they now allow customers to design their own pair of sunglasses.
  3. Nike: Nike allows customers to design their own shoes via their website or in-store with different materials, colors, and shoe laces.
  4. Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton allows customers to customize the Run Away sneakers. Customers now have the option of changing materials, colors, and stripes to make them extra personal.
  5. Fender: Fender allows customers to customize guitar colors, materials, neck shapes, and turning machines.
  6. Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren uses the ‘Stitch It’ experience to create a Ralph Lauren polo shirt with unique colors, varying logos, and extra flair on the hems.

The Most Popular Personalized Products

  1. Cutlery
  2. Mobile skins
  3. Laptop skins
  4. Clothing
  5. Posters
  6. Keyrings
  7. Jewelry & Skincare
  8. Sports cars

The Main Benefits of Product Personalization

Main Benefits of Product Personalization
The Main Benefits of Product Personalization

1. More eCommerce Sales

Sales are the most significant way to grow your business, and product personalization often generates more eCommerce sales.

A study from Deloitte found that 36% of customers would consider purchasing personalized products, one in five customers will pay 20% more for an exclusive or personalized product, and 48% of customers will wait longer for a personalized product.

Therefore, customers are particularly keen to purchase personalized products.

2. No Need for Higher Inventory Costs

When you enable product customizations, you don’t need to recreate your existing business model or buy new product options. You can merely customize your current products by adding easy and unique personalization options.

In addition, you don’t need to stockpile versions of your product. You can simply customize a single product as they come in. For example, you could use a UV LED printer to print personalized messages onto a leather handbag or use a desktop impact engraver to add stitch-in metal plates.

With both options, you’ve made a small investment yet added personalization to the customer and increased the markup on your product.

3.  Greater Customer Insight

Businesses that use product customizations have a better insight into their customers. That’s because product personalization via customization software helps you gauge a customer's preferences and tastes.

This information enables you to create personalized product recommendations that will appeal to them in the future and keep them coming back.

4. Increased Customer Loyalty

When your website allows customers to customize their products, you can increase customer loyalty because your customers get what they want*.* They see your products as unique items with added value to meet their requirements.

If your customer feels they have your undivided attention, they’re more likely to establish a long-lasting relationship and purchase again. Once your customers feel a link to your brand, your competition needs to work harder to get their attention.

5. Reduced Returns

Business owners always dread product returns. They can cause lost revenue and additional costs shipping the product both ways. Customers may also leave bad reviews if they have to return your products.

Thankfully, businesses can significantly reduce the return rate by offering personalized products. If customers have more control over the product via visual product customization, there’s a lower chance they’ll feel disappointed and return the product later.

6. Less Abandoned Shopping Carts

There’s nothing worse for an online business than an abandoned shopping cart. You’re so close to the sale, but something has prevented them from going forward. Companies often spend lots of time and money trying to understand why the customer backed out of the sale.

However, when a customer has spent time and effort personalizing a product before placing it into their shopping cart—there’s more chance they’ll go ahead with the purchase. That’s because they’ve invested time and will feel more confident in their purchase.

7.  Customers Will Pay More

Using product personalization encourages customers to spend more money on products. One report from The Motley Fool found that customized products may sell for 50% more than physical products sold in-store. The primary reason is customers will pay more for a product if they feel it’s more personal.

8.  Stand Out From The Competition

Perhaps the most significant benefit of product personalization is standing out from your competition. Many online stores still offer limited product options to their customers. Most customers, however, will choose to shop at the website with more product options.

9. How To Personalize Your eCommerce Products

There are so many product personalization benefits, but what’s the best way to do it? Shopify has a variant and customization limit, whereby they have a 3-option, 100-variant limit on all products. This limit prevents you from truly customizing your products—so you must overcome it.

Product Customizer, an app on Shopify for this very reason, allows you to add unlimited product variants, increase your average order value, and upcharge with add-on pricing which is essential to achieving the best product customization.

In addition, having multiple product variant options, image swatch features, color swatches, custom file upload, radio buttons, and calendar date-selectors are also fantastic for customizing your products.

Final Thoughts

Product personalization enables you to boost revenue, grow your brand, increase customer loyalty, reduce returns, and improve your customer insights. That’s why all major brands use product personalization to grow their businesses.

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