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8 Best Shopify Color Swatches App to Try

Deborah Mecca
August 31, 2023

When you shop online, you usually have a specific vision in mind of what exactly you’re looking for. The perfect ivory canvas tote bag, silver necklace, or turquoise pet bowl, say. Although similar items will do, you’re looking for something in particular that’s just right, and the listings that appeal to you are the ones that match your vision. Right?

Right. And your customers are the same way. They want to see the items they’re searching for in the color options that fit their needs. And if you don’t have product variants to match those needs, then you may have cost yourself a sale. That customer will find someone who does offer the color variants they’re looking for and will be on their merry way.

This is why many Shopify store owners opt to include custom options on their product pages, including as color swatches. These swatches are integral in helping potential customers visualize the possible features of an item they are looking to buy, so if you offer different colors of your product, you can’t skip this step. Offering color swatches will help you reel in customers, expand your base, and increase sales.

Of course, it’s not as easy as simply throwing up some color variants. Shopify is notoriously bad at providing customization, from custom image swatches to add-ons to variants. That’s why you need a color swatch app – or, more to the point, you need the right Shopify color swatches app.

Usually, the best app will have several other additional product page customization features that can simplify the shopper’s experience as well, from streamlining your Shopify theme to making their checkout simpler. Any time you can kill two birds with one stone, that’s a winning strategy.

We’re going to take a look at such options in this post today so that you can stop hunting for ways to customize colors on your listings and start making more money. Keep on scrolling to discover the best color swatch apps available today.

1. Product Options & Customizer

No one needs to tell you that the faster a shopper can make their selections and get to the checkout page, the better chance you have of keeping that sale. Unfortunately, many stores don’t prioritize getting shoppers to the checkout page quickly. And even when they do, danger still lurks.

“Unfortunately, the checkout page holds the greatest risk of losing sales,” Shopify says. “It’s estimated that the average shopping cart abandonment rate at the checkout page hovers somewhere between 65% and 96%, dependent on industry.”

If you’re a smart shop owner, you already know that the best way to avoid losing a sale is to ensure your potential buyer is in love with their product by the time they get to the checkout page. And the best way to do that is to give them as many variant options as possible on each product page, allowing them to customize products to match their vision. With each checkbox and variant image swatch you offer, you allow them to get that much closer to their perfect Shopify product.

Using a Shopify color swatches app like Product Options & Customizer is easily the best way to do this. With customizable templates, dropdown menu options, and color swatches, you give shoppers the ability to control the look of a product right on the product page. That means they don’t need to leave to explore their options – and they’re much likelier to give you their hard-earned money.

As one Product Options user puts it, “We make bags with enough size and feature options that one can order a bag in over 1,000,000 ways.” Luckily for them, “This app is what allowed us to have a Shopify store rather than an insanely complex and expensive custom store built for our specific needs.”

2. Swatches by Webyze

This easy-to-install Shopify color swatches app can get you up and running with swatches in no time flat. It allows you to choose between a variety of swatch themes without programming a thing. Instead, you use a dropdown menu that subs in pretty colors for variants, all in one listing.

In addition, you can also find image swatch functionality at Swatches, though the rest of its functionality is a little lacking.

3. Swatchify        

Another way to show variants and use custom color swatch functionality for product colors is Swatchify. This Shopify color swatches app gives you the ability to guide your visitors through the selection process with fast-loading variations that move beyond a single color.

The functionality gets loaded into your themes so that it integrates seamlessly. It will load at the same time as everything else (your homepage, a popup, or SEO info), making for an instantaneous experience with each product description.

4. Swatch King

As the name suggests, many people find Swatch King to be among the best color swatch Shopify apps. It offers an extensive library of options, including buttons, price variants, and sizes in addition to color swatches. Its functionality allows you to bulk upload swatches and groups so that you can avoid the hair-tearing hassle of having to do it one by one.

5. Swatchy Color Swatches

In addition to a cute name, this Shopify color swatches app brings tons of great ecommerce power to your online store by enabling you to generate multi-color variations of your images from the same picture. Now your shoppers can see color differences on the product page and collection page as well, for easier comparison.

6. GLO Color Swatch, Variant Image

Number 6 on our list of apps that help you streamline your Shopify store product options is GLO Color Swatch. With the options to create color and image swatches on both product and collection pages, as well as upload all variants in bulk, you’ll be on your way to instant customizations in no time. With multi-language support, this might be a good option for anyone not totally confident in their grasp of the English language.

7. Product Colors

Another of the best Shopify color swatches apps, Product Colors helps you create variants of your product image by linking easy color swatches to a dropdown selector. That way, your shoppers can explore the key features of products of different colors without having to leave the page.

Not only does this create a better customer experience and higher conversion rate, it’s easier for you to upload your listings. Functionally it’s a great option, allowing you to automatically hide out-of-stock colors so that customers don’t feel frustrated by what they can’t have. If you like, you can choose from the various swatch themes to help dress up your themes even more.

Selecting the Best Shopify App for Color Swatches in Your Shopify Store

A color swatch is more than a variant, as you can see. It’s a marketing mechanism that Shopify stores specializing in custom products simply can’t live without.

With so many options available for adding color swatches, there’s nothing stopping you from refining your product pages and increasing your conversion rates. There are many benefits of customization, naturally, but perhaps the best one is the time savings it gives you when it comes to managing your shop and saving yourself from maintaining thousands of different listings. Of course, it also helps improve the customer experience, which boosts sales and builds your brand.

It’s a win-win-win. Even better, it’s not hard. Tailoring your product pages so that they serve your customers has never been easier with this app by your side.

And while, sure, there are several apps available on the Shopify app store to choose from, the best one by far is Product Options & Customizer. It enables custom color swatches as well as the other apps listed here, but goes so far beyond that by also including a number of other customization options. You can combine variants, use date and font pickers, employ checkboxes and radio buttons, and so much more.

Best of all, Product Customizer enables conditional logic to provide a user-friendly customization pathway that safeguards the customer experience, encourages upsells for more expensive customizations, and delivers all product customization selections in one neat little package straight to you for production.

One of the most versatile apps out there, Product Customizer won’t disappoint. Start your 14-day free trial now!

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