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Deborah Mecca
August 2, 2023

From watches to necklaces and earrings to toe rings, almost everyone wears some form of jewelry. And that makes online jewelry stores a fantastic business opportunity.

“The online jewelry market, valued at $21 billion in 2020, is set to hit $39 billion by 2025,” Gitnux points out. “This marks a 15% increase from 2019 and a CAGR of 8.59% from 2021 to 2026.” Even better for American entrepreneurs and jewelers, “The US dominates with a 22% market share.”

If you want to get in on that, there’s no better way than by running your own e-commerce store, either as a part-time or full-time business. And there’s no better foundation for your buyers’ online shopping experience than Shopify, with its impressive range of themes, functionalities, and Shopify app extensions. That’s why it’s the go-to for more than 4 million sites.

There is competition, though, and your jewelry business will need to stand out from the crowd. To that end, today we’re reviewing eight of the best Shopify jewelry stores to see what they do right, so that you can follow suit and see the profits you’re looking for.

7 Essential Elements of a Successful Shopify Jewelry Store

Before we start our review of actual stores, it’s helpful to see what exactly these stores all have in common. Think of this as an addendum to your Shopify store launch checklist.

The best Shopify jewelry stores all contain most, if not all, of the elements here ... which you’ll want to integrate into your site, too. Each of the following works with a range of Shopify theme options, so all you have to do is make sure you get the functionality and aesthetics right.

  • Eye-catching homepage – When a shopper arrives at your site homepage, they’ll make a snap decision about whether to stay. Give them reason to do so with beautiful design, bright banner images, and several listings above the fold.
  • Effortless site navigation – When shoppers can’t get around, they get frustrated and leave. Avoid that with web design that prioritizes clear navigation, dropdowns and product pages that load quickly, and easy access to the cart (and from the cart back to the site).
  • Clear and Compelling CTAs – When possible, use CTAs that describe the fun in the purchase experience rather than just telling customers to buy. For example, “Customize Your Necklace” is so much more compelling than “Add to Cart”.
  • HTTPS security – Plain and simple, unsecured websites aren’t safe spaces for online shopping. They’re more likely to get hacked, putting customers’ sensitive financial details at risk. Having HTTPS security protects the reputation of your online store.
  • A defined audience – In an industry as competitive as jewelry and accessories, you need to know who exactly you’re targeting. Successful Shopify jewelry stores know their typical buyer, what they can afford, and how to emulate that persona in high-quality product images that the buyer can then envision themselves in.
  • Easy checkout and efficient shipping – Keep conversion rates high with a checkout process that’s smooth as silk. Make sure credit card and payment details are easy to input, and payment processing occurs quickly and without incident. Be clear about shipping policies and timelines, and make sure your customers receive their packages on time.
  • Effective SEO strategy – As an e-commerce business owner, whether you’re handcrafting customized products or dropshipping, it’s critical to use good SEO practices to gain higher search engine rankings.

8 Top Shopify Jewelry Store Examples to Emulate

The following Shopify jewelry store examples are inspiring not only for their beauty, but also for how well they optimize their e-commerce store homepage and product pages for easy shopping. If you want your jewelry brand to grow, pay attention to the website design and aesthetic of the following eight store owners.


Jewelry Example Image

Target Audience: Millennial men and women

Average Base Price Range: $20-$40

QALO is included in our list of top Shopify jewelry store examples because the shop’s products are so unique, chunky and modern, but with an edge of style. They’re engravable for that handmade jewelry vibe, but functional enough to take on your next adventure.

The website employs a clean design that allows its vibrant images to shine, with each listing utilizing a number of bright photos as well as image swatches.

2. King Ice

Jewelry Example Image

Target Audience: Youth inspired by hip-hop

Average Base Price Range: $25-$150

King Ice is such a fun shop. It caters to streetwear and hip-hop styles, and is camera-ready for influencers and performers.

The listings utilize color swatches for different types of metal (e.g. silver and gold) and use listing options to help buyers choose between metal plating, chain length, and other options. It’s a great example of how to use a Shopify customization app well.

3. Ebb & Flow Jewelry

Jewelry Example Image

Target Audience: Women and mothers

Average Base Price Range: $10-$60

Ebb & Flow Jewelry offers several jewelry designs and engraving options. Its products are perfect for running daily errands or going out for ladies’ night, and make the perfect gifts for any woman you love— be it bestie, bridesmaid, wifey, or mommy.

What’s most notable here, though, are the product customization options on each individual product page. They use a combination of drop-down menus, checkboxes, customizable text boxes, custom fonts, and more to provide the ultimate in customization. We’re even impressed by the upsell option that automatically loads on the cart page.

4. By Charlotte

Jewelry Example Image

Target Audience: Boho youth and millennials

Average Base Price Range: $50-$250

Not only does By Charlotte offer well-designed pieces, its website is everything you should look for in Shopify jewelry store examples. Each listing is carefully crafted to show the piece’s selling points (e.g. bright gemstones) and product options, as well as upcharge pricing where applicable, such as for added necklace length.

It also has enabled file uploads, giving customers the option to have jewelery (like lockets) arrive with their photos already printed, placed, and ready for gifting.

5. Vivien Frank

Jewelry Example Image

Target Audience: Women with upscale style

Average Base Price Range: $100-$700

It’s no wonder this jewelry store gives the impression of chic but upscale New York style, like the models are stepping right out of a Vogue issue. It’s one of the top Shopify jewelry store examples worldwide, featured in both Vogue UK and Glamour Magazine.

The shop’s creator, who started her own jewelry ecommerce business when she was a stay-at-home mother, named it Vivien Frank after her two children. Today, this store offers a range of upscale pieces with a huge range of variants, from color and size to metal and clasps.

6. Gwen Delicious

Jewelry Example Image

Target Audience: Women who love the quirky and the classic

Average Base Price Range: $15-$40

Gwen Delicious focuses on an often unexpected style with a strong penchant for engravings. The site and its listings are laid out in a clean and easy-to-navigate display, so you can tell exactly what is offered with each one – e.g. design, chain options, etc.

While customization functionality is adequate, with dropdown boxes to choose necklace length, material type, and more, buyers do have to send a separate message at checkout to note specifics, such as engraving details or preferred font type. This process could be enhanced with a product customizer tool.

7. Missoma

Jewelry Example Image

Target Audience: $100-$250

Average Base Price Range: Mostly female millennials

Missoma is fine jewelry at its best. The homepage is easy to use, with a clear navigation bar and user-friendly dropdowns. They also put their sustainability initiatives front and center, which is nice for the conscientious shopper.

Listings are bright, beautiful, and show the products in use. The jewelry shop also shows its customer reviews right on the listing, inspiring shoppers’ confidence in the products with social proof. 

8. Rebel Nell

Jewelry Example Image

Target Audience: Sustainability-minded folks

Average Base Price Range: $40-$200

Of all our Shopify jewelry store examples, Rebel Nell may have the coolest story. Their goal is to “provide employment, equitable opportunity, and wraparound support for women with barriers to employment” by “repurposing meaningful materials into wearable art.”

It shows in their products, made from a range of materials and awesome materials such as repurposed graffiti, with engraving offered on many. Their beautiful jewelry is also available to shop by occasion, such as Pride, Birthday, Girls’ Night, and Everyday Essentials.

Upgrade Your Shopify Jewelry Store with Product Options & Customizer

So, what makes these shops stand out amongst all other successful Shopify jewelry store examples? It’s the perfect combination of a great product, beautiful minimalist web design, and easy customizations on a range of products.

Each of these is a good goal for your own online business, but especially customization on listings. Make sure you have the ability to offer variants similar to these top-performing sites, such as:

  • Color swatches – Do you offer different metal or gemstone colors? It’s easy to reflect that with color swatches.
  • Calendar date selector Can a customer choose when to receive a product? That’s a great option to give them with a calendar date selector.
  • Custom file uploads Offering customization with photos or graphics? This allows them to upload it to your shop easily.
  • Google font picker – Does your product offer text or engravings? Allow customers to easily choose the font of their choice.
  • Dropdown menus Nothing gives your listing more functionality than a dropdown that collapses lots of choices into a small space.
  • Text box inputs Rather than requiring buyers to share personal details, dates, or other memos at (or after) checkout, add text box inputs directly on the product page so these essential details are reflected in the order.
  • Radio Buttons & Checkboxes Lots of options? These make it easy to make one or multiple selections on a product.
  • Per Option Upcharge Pricing – Capture the value associated with more expensive product types, such as gold, silver, and platinum over stainless steel, with per option upcharge pricing.
  • Image Swatches It’s nice to give customers an immediate look at different options. Image swatches do this by changing the photo to reflect the choice the buyer makes.

Having all of these options at your fingertips will move your online jewelry store beyond the basic functionality that Shopify provides. However, putting them all on one product listing can clutter up the purchasing experience.

That’s why Product Options & Customizer uses conditional logic to only offer all of the functions listed above, while only showing a few options at a time. The result: customers can completely customize your products without feeling overwhelmed, and store owners have all the details they need to execute each personalized order.

If you’re ready to move beyond basic Shopify jewelry themes and take your business to the next level, you need Production Options & Customizer. Get your free 14-day trial today!

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